Friday, February 25

Where were you on February 25, 1986?

Twenty-five years ago, Filipinos shook the world by making a peaceful revolution possible. Photos of that glorious day in EDSA showed a sea of people in yellow stopping tanks with only flowers and rosaries in their hands.

Where were you on February 25, 1986?

I was in first-grade then so I only have faint memories of the EDSA People Power revolt. All I can remember was hearing my cousins (who were living with us then) being surprised seeing Channel 4 being on air again with Aquino supporters hosting the show. We were living in Makati back then so were kinda sheltered from what was really happening in EDSA. I'm not sure if my dad joined the crowds that day but I'm sure that my mother didn't because she was a loyalista. (She's still a die-hard Marcos supporter, ugh!)

During Recognition Day, a month after, I remember being part of a tribute to the People Power Revolution. The song in the video, "Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo," was sung in the school program. My sister was cast as a nun while my younger brother was came as a soldier. I, on the other hand, sang this song:

I regret that I have been born a little later. How I wish I have fully witnessed what happened in EDSA 25 years ago. Now, all I can do is to re-read all the news articles and recounts of actual witnesses.

Even my boy has become interested in learning about the history of the People Power Revolution. As I was writing an entry about the best acne treatments, he was watching "A Dangerous Life" on YouTube. I believe that we should keep the EDSA spirit alive within the youth by teaching them the story behind the peaceful revolution.

Where were you 25 years ago? I'd love to hear your EDSA People Power story.

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