Monday, February 7

Wii are back in each other's arms

It's so humiliating but I have to admit that I failed on the Wii Fit Challenge that I imposed upon myself last year. I was doing good for two months and then the school year started. I haven't been on the balance board for 8 months and it cost me +10 lbs. Tsk...tsk... tsk...

I started working out again over the weekend and my muscles ached like how it did at Day 1 of my 2010 challenge. I haven't followed the suggested exercises in the challenge yet but I think I did pretty well doing both aerobic and strength training exercises.
Feb 5, I exercised for only 30 minutes and most of the time was alloted to Steps and Hula-Hoop. Today, I did Free Step, Cycling, Rhythm Boxing, Advanced Hula-Hoop, Single Leg Extensions, and the first 5 basic yoga poses.

I pray that I'll be able to keep up the pace and stay motivated this time around. I have to, anyway. Unilab Active Health gave my boy and I complimentary registration kits to Run United 1 which is slated on March 1. I'll be running 5k this time. The first run I did was 3k (with Rap) for the Mommy Milkshake in August last year. Rap, on the other hand, will be running all by himself in the 500 meter dash for kids. He's also back doing Wii Fit Plus with me and I'm so happy. I think I'm going to buy him a pair of new running shoes as a reward for his efforts. You know how teens are.

Hope my Wii and I will be successful in having me lose the 25 lbs goal I set in the following 3 months. So, yeah, wish us luck!

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4 sweet comments:

Unknown said...

nice site you got here

visiting you thru bloggers!

you don't actually need wii for weightloss!

good luck

Nur said...


nice entries here and very interesting to read something so sweet! Thanks.

 gmirage said...

haaaaaaysss....ako din eh, walang nangyari :D Well, we still have this year! ;)

Nur said...


nice entries here and very interesting to read something so sweet! Thanks.