Friday, February 4

Overseas Jobs for Filipinos

One of my recent writing projects for WikiPilipinas is the 2010 Wiki Past 10s which is essentially our list of Top 10s in 2010. One of the articles I edited was about the Top 10 Overseas Jobs for Filipinos in 2010. Here's the list that we came up:

  1. Health care workers
  2. Domestic helpers
  3. Seamen/Seafarers
  4. Equipment operators and laborers
  5. Skilled workers
  6. Engineers
  7. Teachers
  8. Administrative and clerical workers
  9. IT professionals
  10. Hotel and restaurant staff
Since it appears that health care jobs still dominate the list, you may want to check out medical job sites for job opportunities. Of course, you will need to be a medical professional for that. As for me, I'll just stick to being a freelance writer/editor. I hope I won't ever need to leave the Philippines for greener pastures.

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