Wednesday, February 9


I did something utterly stupid two weekends ago. There I was holding my son's new guitar and strumming familiar tunes from my decade-old praise and worship song book. Since the book was facing the electric fan, I had to use a the scotch tape holder as paper weight. The scotch tape holder was there because I just repaired a torn page. I dunno why but I forgot to lift the scotch tape holder before I turned to the next page. I tried to catch it before it fell on the floor but I got hold of the sharp metal teeth that cut tape. My left ring finger looked like this a minute later:

So I took a bath since we had to be somewhere else later that day. To my surprise, I saw a long cut on my left leg. The metal teeth of the scotch tape holder appeared to have touched my leg without me knowing it.

The wound on my finger healed in a few days while the cut took more than a week to heal. I had to apply antibacterial ointment every day for it to heal. I got a good scolding from a doctor-friend who saw the photos that I posted on my Facebook page. "Diyan nagsisimula yan," ("It all starts there,") he said while scaring me about leg amputations and sending me links to online shops of artificial leg prosthetics. Pasaway talaga!

Yeah, I know. How careless can I be? I. CAN'T. HAVE. WOUNDS. This is one of the many things I have to live with because of diabetes. I had to watch my sugar levels and took good care of my wounds everyday just to make sure that they'd heal in no time. I swear I'll be more careful next time.

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