Friday, February 18

Start Fresh with Dulcolax® (Bisacodyl)

Don't you know that there is a link between constipation and diabetes? Apparently, diabetics are more at risk of constipation. One factor for this is that high blood sugar levels have a damaging effect on the nerves of the intestinal walls. When these nerves are damaged, the natural regular movement of the bowels is interrupted. Not to mention that the various vitamins and maintenance meds taken daily can also affect bowel movement. If non-diabetics are already complaining abut how hard it is to have constipation, how much more for us diabetics?

This morning, Boehringer Ingelheim, makers of Dulcolax® (Bisacodyl), launched its Starting Fresh campaign with no other than singer/actress/comedienne Tuesday Vargas endorsing it. Tuesday has revealed to the press that she has this continuous bout with constipation. Being constipada affected her moods and she usually has a hard time appearing in her funny jolly self when she has not "moved."

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Doctor Ivan Olegario, a product physician and a credible medical adviser, advised her to address the problem by doing the following:

  • drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily;
  • eating fibrous food such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains;
  • exercising everyday to tone the internal organs and encourage normal bowel movements;
  • avoiding emotional and physical stress;
  • establishing and following a regular bowel movement routine; and,
  • taking 1-2 tablets of Dulcolax® (Bisacodyl)at night to promote bowel movement the following morning.

Tuesday followed the good doctor's advise and she's constipada no more. The good news is that she and the Dulcolax® (Bisacodyl) team will visit different barangays in and around the metro to spread the word about starting fresh with Dulcolax® (Bisacodyl).

Aside from that, the campaign will launch the Dulcolax® Freshserye mini-series on TV to educate more people about constipation. See the trailer in the video below:

There are no contraindications for diabetics taking Dulcolax® (Bisacodyl). However, it is still best to consult your doctor before taking this med.

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