Saturday, February 19

Of Coupons and Promo Codes

As the peso becomes stronger, the future becomes bleak for freelancers like me. Don't get me wrong, I would really love to see our economy growing and becoming steadier than before. But with limited freelance writing jobs coming from local clients, I have no choice but to accept jobs from foreign clients even when it means me working hard for less than what I've been earning a year ago when I started.

As it appears, the only thing I can do to live by the situation is to save more and to spend less. Are you fond of collecting and watching out for online coupons & promotional codes? Our friends and relatives in the US are very loyal to collecting coupons offline and online. In doing this, they get to save up to 70% on almost every purchase they do.

Picture this, Express offers Express Coupons that offer Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price on everything! By everything, they also mean jewelry and clothing. Meanwhile, Uverse Promotions has coupons that will suit Internet users. Aren't you just drooling over these great promotions? Too bad, most of the online shopping sites in the US only offer free shipping to North American territories. Even with coupons, I will still pay more for international shipping fees.

Honestly, I wish we have more establishments using these promos in the Philippines. The only promotional codes I get to use are the ones for blog hosting and domain registration. For now, I'll just brush up on my haggling skills and keep a watchful eye on sale alerts.

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