Thursday, September 30

Car Maintenance Check-ups

The one thing I dread about driving is having a stalled car in the middle of a busy highway. It's scary and truly humiliating. I'm glad that my husband is one responsible car owner who would regularly bring our cars over to the casa for their maintenance checks.

I believe that a responsible car owner is one who follows the car's standard maintenance check-up schedules. Besides, it benefits both the car and the car owner. The car burns fuel efficiently and runs well. The driver, on the other hand, is less anxious about having the car break down anytime in the middle of the road. More importantly, a well-maintained car has a better resale value. *wink wink*

The family car is scheduled for its 10,000 km check-up next week. Though our pockets hurt like h***, my husband's bringing her in no matter what. Hey, I know we can manage. It's still inexpensive compared to rv repairs, don't you think? And besides, we got it already covered by saving money for the check up even months before it was scheduled.

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