Thursday, May 27

Did America Make DeWyze Choice?

It's a bittersweet day for me today as I watched the finale of American Idol Season 9. Everyone knows for a fact that I was rooting for Mama Sox to win the competition. From the start, I have always been a fan of Crystal Bowersox since Day 1 of her American Idol journey. She is so talented and was definitely in a league of her own. Nevertheless, I wasn't too surprised that the 24-year old paint salesman, Lee DeWyze, won the American Idol title this year.

This is the 3rd straight year that a male AI contestant won. Not to mention that the male winners have the "matinee idol" appeal being good-looking and all that. To me, it appears that American Idol voters in the States may be teenage girls or mostly women who found Lee DeWyze cute enough to vote for. I believe this is the same reason why Casey James made it to the 3rd spot.

But in fairness, Le DeWyze really improved a lot throughout the season. Crystal Bowersox's musical genius sure is higher by a mile compared to that of Lee's but Lee slowly and diligently worked his way to the top. Who doesn't love an underdog, anyway? And besides, I'm sure that Crystal will still make it big in the music industry, just like how Adam Lambert is doing now.

Ok, gotta go back to work on my apidexin reviews. What do you think? Did America make the wise choice this time?

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