Tuesday, March 16

Desk exercises I do on my short breaks

This is the 3rd day that I haven't done any Wii exercise. Yeah, I know, I've been a busy bee lately. And I dread doing my weekly Wii Fit Challenge summary for this week. I had to prioritize my writing deadlines because I'm saving up for my younger brother's college fund for June. Thank goodness, I already have some spare funds for his summer classes.

So anyway, I thought of exercising while doing my writing tasks. I did my research and here are some of the desk exercises I am now doing either during short breaks or while I'm typing away:

Stretching Exercises - the next best thing to having Yoga when I'm too busy with my articles. First, I put one arm in front of me with the palm facing down. Then, with other hand, I grab the fingers towards me and stretch them for ten counts. Afterward, I repeat the process with the other hand. Next, I raise my arms above my head and slowly stretch my body to the right for another ten counts, then to the left.

Arm Raises - I hold my 500 ml water bottle on one hand and raise it above my head while the other hand supports the elbow. Then, I lower the bottle and raise it up again for 15 repetitions. The same procedure is repeated with my other arm. The first time I did this, I felt my elbow joints cracking hahaha!

Leg Lifts - When I'm on a short break, I put my arms under my knees and do raise my legs for as long as I can. You have to feel the abdominal muscles stretching when you do this because the purpose of this exercise really is to tighten the ab muscles. Now, the easiest of all these exercises is marching in place. This is my favorite so far because I can do it even when I'm in the middle of reading or typing some articles. It can be annoying to others though if you are sharing a work area with officemates. I'm lucky that I have my room all to myself.

You may think that these desk exercises are so simple that they won't even help you get fit. They still burn calories no matter how few they are, mind you. And little things always go a long, long way!

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