Sunday, March 14

Personal Wii Fit Challenge: Week 1 Summary

A week has passed and I just lost half a pound. Hmmm... Actually, I think it's not bad at all considering that I only worked out for four times with a total of 3 hours and 29 minutes. I was not able to work out religiously every day because I had to start early with work to catch up on my deadlines. I am proud to say that I did not overeat during the whole week and I stayed away from junk food. My only snacks are fruit flavored yogurt. By the way things are going, I think I'm on the safe side. Losing weight drastically is a no-no.

Do I feel discouraged because I just lost one pound this week? Nope, not at all. Although sometimes, I wish I were like a fish. Don't you wonder how fishes don't get too big no matter how much fish food they eat. Hmmm... it must be because of all the swimming they do. Should I swim regularly, too?

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