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The Medical City's Center for Wellness and Aesthetics

"Wellness is the new beauty." The Medical City believes that beauty is more than just skin deep. Thus, the hospital has provided The Center for Wellness and Aesthetics to provide patients with holistic health services that are personalized, seamless, and guided by evidence-based medicine.

The center can cater to patients who usually go to cosmetology centers to avail of dermatological services and aesthetic surgery. In The Center for Wellness and Aesthetics, patients are assured that their doctors are board certified practitioners in their respective fields. Take for instance, these three doctors of the Center for Wellness and Aesthetics, namely: Dr. Rolando Balburias, Dr. Paul Jesus Montemayor, and Dr. Gerardo Germar.

Center for Wellness and Aesthetics doctors
(L-R) Dr. Rolando Balburias, Dr. Paul Jesus Montemayor, and Dr. Gerardo Germar of the Center for Wellness and Aesthetics.

Dr. Balburias serves as the consultant and director the Center for Wellness and Aesthetics. The good-looking Doc Oyie, as he is fondly called, specializes in Internal Medicine. He was once part of the show RXMEN on QTV Channel 11 which featured young doctors who catered to the medical needs of Filipinos living below poverty line. Meanwhile, Dr. Paul Jesus Montemayor calls himself the "Vein Guy." He specializes in Vascular Surgery and Endovenous Laser and Chemical Ablation. Basically, he is the guy to call when your problem is your varicose veins or spider veins. Lastly, Dr. Gerardo Germar does Aesthetic/Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. He is a member of the elite Philippine College of Surgeons. See that picture below? That's one of the nose implants that Dr. Germar uses on nose jobs.

nose implant

In line with its mission of providing beauty through holistic health, The Medical City's Center for Wellness and Aesthetics provide the following services to patients:

Adult Wellness. Healthcare services for men and women ages 20-59 years old, with packages that are specially tailored to address an adult's changing health concerns as he/she matures.

adult wellness center

Healthy Aging. A team of geriatric specialists offer comprehensive health assessments for seniors aged 60 and above, helping them live a healthy and more satisfying life.

teen wellness center

Adolescent Wellness. Packages are specifically aimed at adolescents 10-19 years of age, covering everything from sports training to makeovers.

Fitness and Nutrition. Specialists will help in adjusting diet and fitness regimens to achieve fitness goals.

2010-03-11 MedCity CWA-6 2010-03-11 MedCity CWA-7
2010-03-11 MedCity CWA-8 2010-03-11 MedCity CWA-5
The VIP hospital suite at the Center for Wellness and Health.

Aesthetic Surgery. Board-certified surgeons provide hospital-based services that are supplemented with rigorous counselling sessions, for a more holistic approach that helps patient feel good emotionally as well as physically.

2010-03-11 MedCity CWA-11

Aesthetic Dermatology. Expert and board-certified dermatologists offer a comprehensive range of treatments which, complemented with sound health advice, help patients look and feel good. You can be sure that you're getting the best acne treatments from the hospital's most reliable medical practitioners.

Regenerative Medicine. Innovative therapies involve the engineering of living cells, tissues, and organs with the goal of improving the quality of life, preventing disease, and maintaining wellness.

Aesthetic Dentistry. Experts help patients get the teeth they've always wanted for a great smile that builds confidence and positive self image.

Spa at The Medical City

Spa Services. Gives patients a full holistic wellness experience that benefits both the mind and body.

For inquiries, you may visit the Center for Wellness and Aesthetics at the 6th floor of the Podium Building of The Medical City, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City or call 635-6789 loc. 6386 or 6492.

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