Monday, February 1

What's Your Walking Playlist?

When I'm not working out via Wii Fit Plus, I brisk walk in the morning. And since I'm not following a prescribed beat when I am walking outside, I bring my MP3 stick with me. I cannot walk without it, actually. In fact, I find brisk walking without background music just plain boring.

The tunes I load into my MP3 stick are upbeat and I arrange their sequence in a way that the songs serve as my cue for a warm-up, the 30-minute brisk walk, and the cool down. It's better than keeping my track by looking at the time because I don't wear a watch when I'm walking.

Here are the tunes I currently listen to when I'm brisk walking.
  • Warm Up: Breathe by Taylor Swift
  • Brisk Walking: Sweet Dreams by Beyonce, Rock that Body the Black Eyed Peas, The Fame by Lady Gaga, Hush Hush Hush (Remix) by Pussy Cat Dolls, Hot n Cold by Katy Perry, Mmm Papi by Britney Spears, Fire Burning on The Dance Floor by Sean Kingston, and Blame It by Jamie Foxx.
  • Cool Down: Fireflies by Owl City
Now that I shared my playlist, lemme see your MP3 players and check out yours. :)

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eRLyN said...

wow buti ka pa nakaka pag work out ka. sige nga magaya nga kita sis at mag brisk walking din ako mayang gabi para di na mainit. hehe