Wednesday, February 3

Couch Potato No More

I am really a big fan of Nintendo Wii! For me, this game console is the best in terms of keeping our butts off the couch and being more active. Compared to the PC, Playstation and PSP, and Nintendo DS, Wii has more game options that engage the whole body in active fun. I knew that buying ours was a good choice. In fact, it is the better choice compared to buying exercise equipment.

I tend to slouch in the couch especially during lazy weekend mornings. With the Wii, I get to have a new activity to do in front of the TV. Right now, what keeps me active with the Wii control and nunchuk are Wii games like Wii Fit, Wii Sport, and Mario Brothers and Sonic Winter Olympics. I am still looking for the Dance Dance Revolution disc and the dance pad the it requires.

By the way, we are thinking of buying a new couch and not just to have slipcovers made for the old one. We decided to give our old couch to my sister who's lost almost everything from the Ondoy flood. Will the new couch succeed in inviting me to sit again for hours in front of the TV? I hope not!

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Pinky said...

My sentiments exactly :) Eversince we got ours, its been fun for the whole family - not to mention we get to burn some calories too! What can I say? "Wii" love it!