Thursday, January 28

Off to Bohol!

By the time you read this, I'm probably in Bohol already. Woot! Yup, it's another step to a dream come true. The mole on my sole compels me to be hungry for travel. My dream is to visit different places in the Philippines as much as I can. I bet it will take me a lifetime to even visit three-fourths of the 7,100 islands of this archipelago. It's better than none at all, don't you agree?

I'll by travelling with my husband and son, my parents, and my mother-in-law. I'm glad that our budget permitted us to tag our parents along. What makes it extra special is that we are celebrating two wedding anniversaries in the family - our 10th and my parents' 35th!

We're flying via Cebu Pacific again. It's my airline of choice because it's the budget airline that is stationed at the NAIA Terminal 3 which is very big and convenient. Although some friends had problems with Cebu Pacific and I've also read some complaints about hidden charges and all, I still chose Cebu Pacific. I won't need an insurance quote anymore as the ticket fares already included the travel insurance fees.

Make sure to check my future posts about this travel experience!

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