Saturday, January 16

Working With 3 Computers

When I started my work-at-home job, I was still using my trusty 8-year old desktop. It's performance was slow and the hard drive needed upgrading. Instead of upgrading my desktop, we bought a laptop. After a few months, I won a netbook in a blogging contest and I use this when I am mobile. Now, we have 2 laptops, 1 netbook, and 1 desktop computer. I never though we'd end up with all of these gadgets

Once in a while I still work on the desktop as some of my files are still saved in its hard drive. I also have files save in the netbook's hard drive. I am now thinking of a way of linking these three computers so I can access the files I need with ease. I read that a KVM switch can enable a single keyboard, video monitor, and mouse to control more than one computer at a time. I wonder if this can work on my gadgets? What do you think?

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