Monday, January 18

I will miss this baby!

2009-12-20 Flight to Naga LR-10

This is Gabby, our one-year old niece who came home with my sister-in-law and her family from the United Kingdom. She was born there las July and it was her first time to see us all. But see, this baby is a darling! She loved it when relatives surrounded her and showered her with attention. Hands down, this little girl is the most adorable!

Yesterday's the last time that we spent together as they are already returning to the UK on Tuesday. I'm glad the my sister-in-law actually allowed Gabby to sleep over in our place last Saturday night. I think I gained muscles from carrying her that I wouldn't need muscle gain supplements anymore, hahaha! Nevertheless, I will surely miss this baby. She'll be a toddler already when she comes back for a vacation. Until then, we will have to content ourselves with photos and webcam chats again.

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