Thursday, December 10

Sleeping Over at The Mandarin

My husband called me up to tell me that we have to use the Mandarin Oriental voucher he's keeping before it expires by the end of the year. I felt excited even if the hotel is just within the heart of Makati. I'm excited because it's a chance for the three of us to spend the night again in a place other than our home. I believe the last time we were able to do that was back in the summer. I'm sure Rap will be elated, too.

Now I'm thinking of activities to do in Makati while we're there. Or probably we'll just hang around in Greenbelt till the wee hours and go back to the hotel when it's sleeping time. It will be just like sleeping over at a friend's house!

It's always fun to spend moments like this one with my boys. I know it's not as grand as getting booked in one of the nuevo vallarta hotels but it's not the place that's important. What I'm really excite about is the bonding time I'll get to have with my boys.

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