Thursday, December 10

PR 3!

I didn't even notice that this blog has already achieved PR3. When I started blogging in 2005, all I intended was to have venue to write about my daily experiences. And when I bought my own domain, it was just to achieve a personal dream of having my own dot com.

So a few days ago, I received an email from an American who wanted to hire me to write for a blog he was setting up for his website. He specifically instructed me to write blog posts that will give his blog PR3 rank just like mine. That's when I discovered that my blog already has a PR3 ranking.

I was ecstatic and surprised at the same time. After that, I was like "So, what now?" I can't see any more advantages beyond having the badge to brag about it. It appears that online marketers need to be most searchable in search engines or have the highest page rank possible for them to profit from their products. They employ search engine optimization specialists to generate profitable keywords and submit their sites to site directories. Some buy a software dedicated to automatically submit their sites to directories like what has.

I politely declined the job offer and honestly told the email sender that my page rank is just a coincidence and may be the result of my 400+ blog posts. I know I can't promise his newly started blog to have a PR3 ranking two months just like how he wants to.

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yami said...

Hi Mauie. Congrats sa PR3. :)

May bagong bahay naman ako. Pag may time ka, silip ka. :) Thanks! :)