Friday, December 11

Thinking of Buying a New Fan

The two industrial fans that we bought in 2006 are now starting to conk out and I'm getting frustrated. I thought industrial fans are supposed to be more durable than the less expensive plastic ones. The industrial fans are being used in the living room and in the dining room. Every time I try to use one, I need to get a fork to wind up its blades first to get it to move. Funny but totally frustrating, really.

I am thinking of buying a new fan but I won't waste my time in buying an industrial fan anymore. I think I'll buy the ones with plastic blades this time. At least they are easier to clean, lighter to carry, and are more affordable. It's a pity that I can't even have a Minka Aire ceiling fan because the ceiling in my living room is low. I'm left with no other option but to buy a standfan.

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