Friday, December 18

I Miss My Facebook Games!

When my college friends and I had dinner the other night, the girls kidded me about my Yahoo Messenger status. You see, everyday, it's always set as BUSY. I sure am busy especially these past few months. The writing projects kept pouring in and I gladly accepted them all. I had to sacrifice the times a spent in a day playing my Facebook games. Awww....

When I'm writing, what I do usually is to play in between articles. Playing makes my mind relaxed and it kinda releases the extra information I have stored from the previous article's research process. It refreshes my mind and makes it ready to take in more information. As far as I know, when my mind gets overloaded with information, I am less productive. That's why I need to unload information in between writing tasks.

Now that I'm too busy, my information unloading activity is constricted to walking for a minute or gazing out of my window. I miss my farm in Farm Town and Farm Ville! I want to know if there are new items like pond supplies or not. I want to milk my pink cow to get strawberry milk. But everything has to be prioritized so all I can do is wait until I have lesser work load. Such is the life of a work-at-home mom. Hay!

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