Thursday, December 17

Diabetes and Smoking

I had dinner with my college friends last night and I had a good time. After dinner, a friend of mine asked us to go out of the mall area so that she can smoke. You know, back in college, she was the one who doesn't smoke. It was even I who tried smoking back then. Yes, I did even if I knew that I can't.

But the vice did not stay long with me. I guess I did not get too much stressed out over the years unlike my friend who went to law school and through the bar exams. Smoking and diabetics just don't mix. One reason is that as diabetics, we are already 3x more at risk in developing cardiovascular diseases than non-diabetics. With smoking, the risk is increased to 11 times! Another fact is that the nicotine content in cigarettes reduce the body's ability to use insulin by fifteen percent.

If I want to die now, all I need to do is order cigars online or buy from a store. But I don't so I'm staying away from it. If you're diabetic, you should not be smoking, too.

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