Sunday, August 23

Writing Unbiased Product Reviews

I was asked to write product reviews in one of my oDesk assignments. The client wanted my reviews to be as unbiased as possible as the website he is setting up will be publishing unbiased reviews. It was my first product review assignment and I was fortunate to be employed by a very understanding and helpful client. I just finished my second assignment under the same client and I am awaiting for the next one. I am now sharing what I have learned from the all those product reviews sites in the internet today.

One thing I learned is that not all product review sites write unbiased product reviews. Most of them are sponsored reviews. Be wary of sites that promote a certain product that has affiliate marketing. Apparently, these review sites are were just set up so they can earn from the referral links that are linked in their reviews.

Secondly, a true unbiased review site should be one that posts actual user comments. How can we be sure that what they claim is true if they do not cite actual user feedbacks. In my product writing assignment, I was tasked to research forums, blog and article comments, and just so we can copy paste actual user reviews.

Lastly, an unbiased product review is one that does not use the usual marketing statements that we get to see in multi-level marketing or affiliate marketing sites. They should be reviewing products and not selling them.

Now, I want you to check out this puristat review and tell me if this is unbiased or not.

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