Sunday, August 23

My Philippine Travel Wishlist

Starting my travel blog ( has also made me want to see new places and write about them. So far, as per my posts, I have been to places in Luzon the most. I long to see more of the Philippines and blog about them!

My husband and I agreed that we should be visiting more Philippine destinations first before venturing overseas. Here's my Philippine travel wishlist:
  • Batanes. My professor in graduate school once told me that you will forget everything once you're in Batanes. Everything is so serene and beautiful. I would really love to visit this place.
  • Cebu. I'd like to see Magellan's Cross and visit the different historical sites of this city.
  • Palawan. Riding a boat inside a cave sounds like fun!
  • Davao. I've never been to Mindanao. I guess Davao is the best place to make the first visit.
  • Puerto Galera. Oh please, don't laugh. Yes, I haven't been to Puerto Galera yet but this wish will probably come true by next year.
  • Caramoan. The beautiful sands of Caramoan are unfortunately 6 hours away from Naga City that's why we haven't visited it yet. Add to the fact that room rates have tripled now that the place is receiving good publicity.
It sure is nice to be able to visit foreign tourist spots but I feel that our country has a lot more to offer. Only after I have visited these places can I start planning for our out-of-the-country trips.

How about you? Would you prefer traveling outside the Philippines and take Branson vacations than checking out our islands first?

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