Saturday, August 22

My Boy and His Gadgets

The technology of today is truly amazing! Although most people may think that too much technology lessens personal social interaction, I still think that it is all up to the user to control that. The advantages I reap from technology are more than the disadvantages I encounter.

Take for instance the other day when I cannot even speak a word because my throat is sore but I needed to review my son in Math. So what we did was to conduct our review sessions via Yahoo Messenger, me on my laptop and him on his netbook. I sent him the word problems via chat. He, on the other hand, solved the problems on a piece of paper and replied with his answers. It was quiet yet effective. Plus the fact that my boy got enthusiastic because we were doing something new and high tech.

Other people think that we are spoiling our son with lavish gadgets but we're not. He worked hard for all of them. He did his part by doing excellent in school and we did our part by saving up for his prize. Besides, we're lucky that our son is the type who abides by our rules and regulations. He knows that he can only play video games and watch DVDs during weekends.

By the way, the netbook was the prize I got from winning 2nd place in Goldilocks and Nuffnang Philippine's "You're the 1, Goldilocks" Blog Writing contest. We were supposed to buy my son a netbook once he gets the gold medal in academic excellence by the end of the school year but the blessing came in a little early. I was really eyeing on a netbook to use when I am mobile as my laptop is quite heavy. Now that we have a netbook, I guess I'll be saving for a Sony Vaio P Series! Woot!

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