Sunday, August 23

Waterless Days

If we have known earlier that our water supply here in our location will not be that abundant, we might have made second thoughts in buying our house. Well, actually, I think ours is just an isolated case. You see, our water supply comes from the local water company but it is coursed through our village administrator. The village administrator adds up maintenance fees and village dues to our bill. This is really not much of a problem for me if only we are not experiencing problems with our water supply.

In the beginning, we have only experienced troubles with our water supply during the summer season. After a few months, we experienced water shortage in the morning probably because most of the neighbors are taking a bath and preparing for work and school. We still experience these periods of shortage up to now.

We have showers both in the first floor and second floor bathrooms but we seldom use them because of this problem. Instead of planning to install a bathtub in our bathroom and replace our fixtures with Kohler faucets, we may have to prioritize setting up a water tank and electric pump first. We just need to verify with our village rules if this is allowed.

Do you experience waterless days in your area, too? How are you coping with it?

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