Monday, August 24

Sports for Diabetics

When I tell people about my condition, I usually receive concerned reactions. There were many times that I had to explain that my activities are as normal as anyone else with just a few exceptions and some additional precautions. Sport activities are actually recommended for diabetics as part of our exercise regimen.

As how any form of exercise helps us in managing diabetes, engaging in sports also helps us in many ways. These include:
  • helping the body effectively use insulin;
  • burning calories;
  • building muscles and strengthening the bones;
  • lessening the risk of complications and heart disease;
  • increasing energy levels; and,
  • lowering stress and tension.

Although I am not into any sport activity at present, I would like to go back to playing badminton or a new sport. For the longest time, my husband and I have been planning of finally using his golf clubs. I think golf is a good sport for diabetics because it does involve a good deal of walking and it's not that stressful and tiring. In fact, pro golfers Kelli Kuehne and Michelle McGann are diabetics.

I am not actually aspiring to be a pro golfer and play in Myrtle beach golf course but a golfing vacation would be a very good idea, don't you think?

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