Monday, August 24

Diabetes and Foot Care

Diabetics like me try to avoid, as much as possible, having foot wounds. The feet are the most vulnerable parts for wounds because diabetes can reduce the flow of blood to the feet. Simple wounds may turn into serious ones and even by the reason for amputation. This is why I always make it a point to bring a tube of antibiotic ointment and a strip of Band-Aid in my purse just in case I hurt my toes. Also, when I have my pedicure sessions, I don't let the attendant cut my cuticles.

If you are a diabetic, here are some foot care essentials that you should remember:
  • Wash and dry your feet everyday. Use mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Do not rub when drying to avoid friction. Put lotion on the feet and the soles but not between the toes.
  • Always check your feet for possible unrecognized cuts. Just last year, I was almost too late from saving the middle toe of my right foot when I failed to see the early symptoms of a wound. That wound did not even have a cut at first, it was just painful and then a cut developed after a few days. It was probably an ingrown nail. Took two months to heal which is very scary.
  • Use protective, yet, comfortable shoes. Your shoes and socks should let your feet breathe as much as possible. Sweating makes your feet prone to bacteria and fungi. You may want to try using soft Naot shoes.

In the United States, it is estimated that 1 in 5 diabetics has foot problems according to the American Diabetes Association. These foot problems can all be avoided by knowing proper diabetic foot care. Sadly, not all diabetics are aware of these reminders that's why I am posting this list.

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