Monday, August 10

Colored Lancets

I went to the drugstore yesterday to buy my own supply and mother-in-law's diabetic medicines. I also needed fresh lancets so I went to the medical supply section and here's what I found...

Yep, colored lancets! They're inexpensive, too. So I bought 20 pieces of colored lancets for my blood glucose testing tasks.

These colored lancets were sold at only Php 2.25 a piece so 20 pieces of colored lancets cost me Php 45 (less than a dollar). They look cute and made the nervous feeling of getting pricked go away a little. I am glad that they fit in my lancet device. I trusted the sales lady that the size is universal.

When I tested my blood sugar this morning, I got the chance to use one of my new colored lancets. I noticed that the needle was thicker than the previous lancets I have used before. Although it didn't hurt much, I bled a little longer than usual. I guess I have to adjust the needle depth since the needles of these new colored lancets are thicker.

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Badet said...

Who says diabetics can't be kikay? It's a good thing that you're still positive about being a diabetic. God bless is!

By the way sis, can we ex-links? I added this blog and 24 hour mommy on my blogroll.

I hope you can add my 2 blogs too:

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