Wednesday, August 12

Buying AC Filters

I passed by the hardware store last weekend to buy some plumbing supplies for our kitchen sink and I saw a stack of AC filter boxes along the aisle where I was heading to. I was tempted to buy a box for our air conditioner but I did not push through with the purchase. Just like many others, the silent voice inside my head told me that it's not really needed. But is it?

Contrary to popular belief, AC filters are actually essential accessories of air conditioning units. Yes, I know, all air conditioners come with a plastic and net filter that is detachable from the grill and can be washed as needed. Still, that filter is not enough to keep the dust from coming into the unit.

So to convince my self, and yours, of the importance of AC filters, I have compiled a list of reasons why we should buy one now. Here they are:
  • AC filters keep your AC running efficiently. Keeping air free of dust makes it flow in and out of the AC unit effectively and electricity is utilized well.
  • AC filters allow your AC unit to evenly spread the cool air around the home. By doing this, the AC system tends to work efficiently at a lowered thermostat and lowered energy consumption.
  • AC filters lessens the need for repairs. Since your AC breathes in and out efficiently, there will be less chances of damage.
AC filters should be changed as often as needed to prevent indoor air pollution. This is especially needed by homes that are airtight or have poor ventilation. Indoor air pollution may cause allergies and respiratory diseases among the members of the household.

So are you convinced now? Well, I am.

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