Saturday, August 8

Lemongrass Juice for Diabetics

I was chatting with Julie, a blogger friend of mine, yesterday at a bloggers event and she mentioned to me that lemongrass juice can lower blood sugar levels. Another blogger friend, Jennie, already told me how she gives lemongrass juice to her son to treat fever. Seems like lemongrass is another underestimated backyard plant. Since it is so easy to cultivate, I became so interested to try drinking lemongrass juice.

I am not fond of drinking hot drinks so I guess I'll be making iced lemongrass juice. I am also thinking of making a lemongrass shake by just combining shaved ice, lemongrass juice and some muscovado sugar in a blender. Not only that, I also found some great diabetic recipes that use lemongrass. I think I need to buy the oven I am eyeing for years now and upgrade my kitchen and dining paraphernalia.

Mother Nature really is amazing. She makes everything available for us. It is only up to us humans to realize that everything we need to be healthy and well is in nature and not in plastic packages.

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