Friday, July 10

Taking Care of Bronson and Musmos

I have heard a lot of stories from friends, both online and offline, about how thieves have become so advanced today with regard to their tactics. For instance, a friend related how she almost got robbed inside her own home. The thief was trying to get inside the bedroom window at the second floor of their home and they haven't eaten their dinner yet. That's how early it was. It seems that robbers nowadays do not attack in the wee hours of the morning anymore. They do not have a dog in the yard, not like us.

This is one of the reasons why we chose to keep a big dog. We have two, actually. Musmos (short for Optimus because we got him after watching the first Transformers movie) is of native breed. Bronson, on the other hand, is a Pitbull Terrier. We got him from Ralph's swimming coach a year ago. These two dogs are the reason why thieves, and even neighbors, do not attempt to go inside our yard. They both look ferocious but they are gentle giants.


Musmos, with Rap, when he was still a puppy

Our dogs have different needs. Musmos only needs the basics: food, clothing, shelter, and shots. Bronson needs all of those plus pet supplements. He's allergic to chicken so I need to carefully scrutinize his dog food and see to it that it doesn't have chicken. Bronson is a dog that loves to have all the attention. He's our houseboy's favorite. To balance it, I show more attention to Musmos so he won't get jealous.

Yes, our dogs are like our children, too. We give so much time and effort in taking care of them because we know that they take good care of us, too.

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Utoy Batutoy said...

I love Bronson more because he's "maharot" and he can smell my Mistress from miles away, even on a moving tricycle. He likes playing fetch and pull. He hates me (he almost bit off my head)but I still like him playing around like a puppy.