Saturday, July 11

Working On My Own For Now

It has been months since my last visit to the gym. I decided not to renew my membership for now since I have been so busy lately. Bad news is, I gained the pounds I lost when I started to work out. Let us put it this way, I am back to 160 pounds and I am not proud of it. But managing my weight starts with acknowledging it. The only consolation I have now is that I started to take control again before I go back to my old 180 pound self.

So I started brisk walking an hour each morning like what I did in 2006. I had cramps the first day I brisk walked and I did not walk the following day. I hated myself for doing so because when I stop even for a day, I will need to force myself to go back in track again. After that one rest day, my morning walks became regular. When it rains, I put my dance workout videos and I dance inside my room. I also do the dumbbell routine that we did while in the gym. I haven't tried using a Kettlebell yet but I heard that it's more fun to use.

So there. I hope that I lose some pounds again just by working out on my own. Gym memberships cost a fortune nowadays and I think that I'll be also saving a lot of money by doing this.

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