Friday, July 10

Gadgets of the Future

I was able to watch a show on Discovery Channel this morning and it showcased future gadgets that almost made my jaw drop. Most of these gadgets and machines already have existing prototypes in their respective laboratories and scientists are just making some tweaks and repairing bugs before they are released. Their inventors express their desire to make human life easier with the help of these gadgets.

One future machine that I am rooting for is the air-powered car. This car runs on energy that it converts from air. Imagine all the fuel that can be saved because of that! And because it uses air and not fuel, it does not emit smoke that is harmful to the atmosphere.

Another invention that was featured was a computer contact lens. Wearing these contacts is just like taking a lightweight computer anywhere you go. It makes your eye acts like a barcode scanner scanning the images that you see and providing information about them. You will be seeing written information on demand just like when you're googling about something.

I appreciate the efforts of scientists who are constantly researching on ways to further improve these machines. I just hope that they won't forget that these should only be used for the good of all mankind and not use them for man's destruction.

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