Sunday, July 12

His Story

I'm in bed already and Michael Jackson's songs are still playing in the background. I'm a fan. Who isn't? Even my nine year old son is. My goodness, I had to bully him just so he will go up to his bedroom and stop watching MTVs ultimate tribute. He has been watching it the whole afternoon and even commenting on some of the videos that were shown. He read the Wikipedia entry on the King of Pop and even begged me to buy TIME Magazine's special issue. I guess it's true that Michael Jackson's music really bridges the gaps between generations.

I also got to read the magazine last night and his story almost brought me to tears. I think he was very much misunderstood by many. Being Jacko was just the result of a missed childhood plus being under the public's scrutinizing eyes for more than forty years of his life. You know, I was emotional when Marlon Jackson spoke during the memorial and said that "Now they will leave you alone." Yes, all the leeches that Lisa Marie Presley wrote about in her blog will now leave him alone.

I am bothered by the thought that he died in debt. Everything went way out of hand. I just hope that some of the people around him even bothered to ask for life insurance quotes in his behalf for the sake of the children he left.

Michael Jackson's story may have ended tragically but his music will not.

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