Sunday, July 12

Why I Love Thai Massage

I've been working so hard lately that I had to set aside a special day for a Thai massage. Last Friday was that day. I knew I had to get one to be more productive. I have been experiencing back pains and shoulder pains probably from sporting a bad posture while working on some articles.

My husband and I prefer Thai massages than the other massages that are available. For one, we don't like being smothered with massage oils. Another reason is that the Shiatsu and stretching techniques that Thai massages offer directly target our problem areas. It really feels good to have your muscles stretched after a long and tiring day.

Of all the massages that I have tried, Thai massage has the one with the most interaction between the masseuse and the client. Our massage sessions are like well orchestrated dance moves. For example, my masseuse kneels on top of my buttocks and puts pressure on some points of my back. From that position, she presses on my back a little and lifts herself to a standing position. Then, she grasps my wrists while I grab hers and she pulls my arms to give me a stretch. This is the reason why Thai massages can never be done on outdoor chaise lounges that cannot support both the masseuse's and the client's weight. It should be done on a mat or a foam mattress on the floor.

We try to have massages every other week because its therapeutic. I am lucky that we have a Thai massage day spa near our area that offers discounted rates in the afternoon. I hope you can try getting a Thai massage soon and tell me about your experience.

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