Friday, June 5

My 31st!

The weather seems to be cooperating today. The rains have stopped, the skies are clearer, and Mr. Sun finally showed up to greet me a "Happy Birthday"! Today marks my 31st year in this world. I am still living my sugar free life to the fullest. Some days may have been less sweet than usual. Nevertheless, I thank God for helping me out as always.

Looking back, I can say that I have lived my 30th year well. I was able to set this blog with my own domain as I was also able to set up three more blogs (Mole on My Sole, The 24 Hour Mommy, and Sugar Free Sweet Moments). I have also signed up for Plurk and Twitter and have resurrected my Facebook account.

I have also discovered the option of working from home. This coming school year, I won't be teaching at our center as I have left the teaching to my brothers. I will be working from home as a freelance writer and online teacher. That way I can have more time to spend with my boys and in managing our household. I can now personally supervise my son's study periods. Probably, I can start giving him piano lessons again aside from giving him reviewers.

I am looking forward to the new year ahead. Every day will surely be another sweet adventure!

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1 sweet comments:

Meikah said...

Belated happy birthday, Mauie! I wish you all the best... take care always :)