Monday, June 8

My New Best Friend

I just received this awesome gift from my sister and brother-in-law for my birthday last Friday. I badly need my own blood glucose meter for easier blood sugar monitoring. These guys love me so much that they even gave me an extra box of test strips!

I took my first test yesterday morning before taking my breakfast and the result was ok although it was almost bordering on the low level. Just as I suspected, I took another test two hours after taking my lunch and it already showed a low blood sugar level. It must be because I am having my monthly period and my hormones are going haywire.

My new best friend gave me the convenience that I've been wishing for ever since. Now that I can closely monitor my blood sugar levels every day, I should really start getting in shape again. I plan to start walking in the morning again which will be just like taking the best fat burner in town.

I told you I knew this is going to be another sweet year for me!

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