Monday, June 22

It's Never Too Late To Learn a New Language

Our backpacking trip to Vigan and Baguio last March gave me the opportunity to study a little Spanish through a PSP game called "My Spanish Coach". Traveling light compelled me to not bring my laptop and it took me away from my online activities for a week. It was a blessing in a way because I had the chance to bond more with my family, especially with my boy who got interested in the game, too.

I was already studying and completing sentences about food and places in the game. When we are not playing the game, Ralph and I try to exchange simple sentences in Spanish. My son has a more retentive memory than me and it became easy for him to speak simple sentences in Spanish. He's learning Spanish faster than I have that it would look like I bought him some learn spanish for toddlers videos.

Once we got back from our trip, I had to go back also to reality and to my piled up tasks. I didn't get the chance to play the game and learn Spanish words again. I will find time to do some once my schedule permits me to. It's never to late to learn a new language. It may seem useless now but there may be opportunities in the future when I can use my knowledge of the Spanish language.

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