Monday, June 22

Celebrating During This Time of Economic Recession

No, I am not ranting because my husband had to work and my dad's in Boracay that we didn't get to spend Father's Day with them yesterday. Being at home the whole day yesterday just made me think a lot about how other families are spending the day with their respective dads. Some of my plurk pals had lunch or dinner in a special place while the others just cooked up something special to eat at home.

Different strokes for different folks. It's really the thought that counts. In this time of economic recession, being frugal is best. Anyway, most of these holidays are just marketing strategies to urge people to spend and buy gifts for their loved ones. Still, my belief is that one can splurge if he has the resources to do so. Never go way beyond the budget. Who are we to condemn someone who buys, let's say, an expensive motorcycle jack for his dad if he can afford it. In the same way, we should not judge the person who can just afford to give a kiss and a hug to his dad on Father's Day.

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