Thursday, May 21

Kris Allen Is The New American Idol!

I admit. I am still in shock that the Tender Puppy actually won this season's American Idol. I mean, judging from last night's perfomances, Simon Cowell did have a point when he said that Adam Lambert won over Kris Allen by a mile!

But this is one of those popularity contests, so... there.

In fairness to Kris Allen, I still think that he deserved to be where he is now. Throughout the competition, he has showed how a well-rounded musician he is. While Adam wowed the audience with his many surprises, Kris was able to gain admirers by not being confined to his guitar but also playing good music with keyboard. I also read that he plays the viola. Probably, that's an edge that he has from Adam aside from having really good looks.

I also think that American Idol voters, once again, got confident that Adam might win the competition after all that they didn't bother to vote at all. Also, Danny Gokey's fans might have rooted for Kris Allen instead of Adam Lambert.

American Idol is just their first step to global stardom. We had American Idols whose stars never shone as bright as those of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwoood, and David Cook. We also had runner-ups like Chris Daughtry who did not need the grand title to establish a spot in the music industry, right? Last year's American Idol, David Cook, and his runner-up, David Archuleta are both doing great in their own music genres.
Let's just see what the future has in store for Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.

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