Friday, May 22

Busy Farming!

"When I'm not in my restaurant, I'm in my farm!" When I plurked that a few days ago, some of my friends who are not in Facebook reacted. They thought I turned into an uber-rich farm heiress overnight! I wish! You know how the virtual world can satisfy most of our actual wishes for the meantime. Farm Town is one Facebook application that does that, at least for me.

This is a recent screen shot of my farm. I have just harvested coffee, sunflowers, and corn and planted strawberry and watermelon seeds that will be ready for harvest in a day. The trees planted on one side of my farm are all gifts from my Facebook friends. Most of the animals I have are gifts as well.

I remember that we had a small rice farm in Siniloan, Laguna when I was still young. We spent our summers there living in a nipa hut and swimming in the small pool that we had since we also supplied irrigated water to the neighboring farms. That piece of land was sold years ago because we cannot maintain it anymore. I still wish we had the farm so I can let Ralph experience how life is in a farm. We had our best summers there, just running around the rice paddies and picking mangoes and coconuts.

My virtual farm may still look bare. I am still saving up for a small farm house. I now have a set of table and benches that I propped beside the trees. I think I am going to set things up like how it was in our farm. I just wish that the game has patio chairs or benches available like this one below:

Don't you think this will look good in my farm once I already have a farm house?

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