Tuesday, May 26

A Successful Summer Home Repainting Project

Finally! In the past, I have blogged about how we will be starting a summer home renovation project. Thanks to the summer vacation that gave me more time to stay at home and to my handyman slash houseboy, the project is a success! We have constructed Ralph's bed loft and painted the rooms of our home in different colors that showed how young and vibrant our family is!

Here's how Ralph's bed loft looks like:

As you can see, his study area is under one end of the loft. Under the other end is a toy shelf that houses the toys that he rarely use. I am sure that he will now be using his toys more often now that it will be convenient for him to get them unlike in the past. We just bought a sofa bed that can accommodate guests sleeping over. We also installed an exhaust fan on the wall dividing our room and his so we will be sharing our air conditioner instead of us buying a new one. As expected, with the help of the exhaust fan, our 1.5 HP airconditioning unit was able to cool both our bedrooms.

Our bedroom was painted in light pink and magenta. I got to have the final say in the choice of colors in our bedroom. My husband doesn't have a choice but to accept that fact, hahaha! The hallway was painted in salmon, the living room in pastel yellow, and the dining area in light orange.

We have used elastomeric paint on the walls, ceilings, and even on Ralph's wooden bed loft. The paint is odorless although we had to put varnish on the wooden fixtures after it was painted with elastomeric paint to give it a glossy finish. I have done some research about elastomeric paint and, thankfully, I haven't read even a single article that tells of its harmful effect to our health. After learning about the dangers of asbestos and how it brings about Mesothelioma cancer, I have been a little paranoid on how common household products and home construction materials affect our health in the long run.

I am sorry if I can't post pictures of the other parts of the house yet as we are still reinstalling the frames and other furniture that had to be placed in the veranda and the garage while the painting process was going on. I will be posting them soon, I promise.

So, how has your summer been? Has it been as productive as mine?

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