Thursday, April 2

What I Was Doing In A Chocolate Karnival

Yes, I know. I shouldn't be near chocolate or else. But last Saturday, March 28 was for the books and I couldn't just let it pass without me in there. That day, Krispy Kreme launched its newest line of sweet delights, the Chocolate Karnival.

I attended the event only with Ralph in tow. My husband had to work that day. We were able to arrive early at the Boni High Street branch because we hitched a ride to Makati and we just took a cab from there.

The KK staff gave my son a KK tattoo and a paper hat while the balloon twister gave him a balloon sword. After those, he looked like this:

The KK Boni High Street branch was dressed up for the affair. It had the carnival air that lifted my spirits up even when knowing that I wouldn't be able to have even a single bite. Jeffery Tam, international close-up magician, wowed the audience with his tricks.

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Ralph had so much fun playing in the game booths set up by the KK staff. He did well in the pachingco and the doughnut tossing games but not in the box stacking and cup stacking games. Nevertheless, we were able to get one and a half dozen donuts as prize!

After lunch, Ralph had the chance to be one of the first people to taste KK's heavenly chocolate glazed donuts. The whole place smelled like chocolate and it was enough for me. It was Ralph's first time to eat a doughnut, hot off the rack. I tried not to be jealous, but who wouldn't be? You should have seen the melted chocolate on his fingers and lips so you'll know what I mean. I really hated being a diabetic that day!

Photo credit: Iris Aerin of

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