Wednesday, April 1

More Time For Me Time

One of the things I am looking forward to in having my leave from teaching is having more time for relaxation. My husband and I go to a day spa every once in a while for a short bonding moment and a relaxing massage as well. We have done the rounds of going to various day spas near our home and we have already found some places that we truly enjoyed. We have different tastes in massages. He likes getting a traditional Thai massage because he hates massage oils. I, on the other hand, prefer a Swedish massage because of the calming massage strokes with aromatic oils. We both agree on enjoying a sauna before a massage, though and having a relaxing massage after working out. This is our simple pleasure, getting a massage for an hour in the company of each other. We usually do this on weekdays while Ralph is still in school. That way, I don't feel guilty in leaving our son behind.

Having a massage does not only serve the purpose of relaxation for me. One of the reasons why my husband and I got so addicted to having our regular massage sessions was the fact that it greatly helps blood circulation. Being a diabetic, I am prone to so many complications including high blood pressure and heart diseases. The massage strokes encourage normal blood flow through the veins. Not to mention that the scent of the aromatic oils also have a healing effect.

Blue Water Day Spa, one of the leading day spas in the country today has recently opened it latest branch. This branch is located in Capitol Hills, Quezon City. Being in the area known for exclusive villages, the spa exudes the aura of class and elegant relaxation amidst the lush greenery. This latest branch is just an addition to their roster of branches and two of them (Greenhills and Ortigas) are near my area. I can't wait to visit the place soon so my husband and I can have our regular massage sessions. Probably, I can have a body scrub, too, as the last sessions I had were way back in 2006!

Check out this map and the contact details below so you may also visit Blue Water Day Spa Capitol Hills.

captiol map 300x173 BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills: 20 Bloggers Event Competition

BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills Branch

Capitol GreenStreet Commercial Center, Capitol Hills Golf Annex Building, Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City

Telephone Numbers: +63 (2) 4730455, 9524829, 4350114

I hope that we can bump into each other in Blue Water Day Spa Capitol Hills one of these days.

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Mommy Pehpot said...

still have to try Blue Water Day Spa.. massage is indeed a ME time for us!