Tuesday, February 17

Proteinuria Update

I only had an early morning class yesterday and it allowed me to visit the clinic first before heading home. I already had a repeat urinalysis done last Saturday and the results were catastrophic because not only there's still the presence of protein in my urine but the presence of blood got +++ results!

Anyway, the doctor confirmed that I was experiencing another event of urinary tract infection and I was quite surprised that I was experiencing one without me having the usual obvious symptoms. If it were not for the routine urinalysis done on me, I wouldn't have known that I was having an infection! There was no pain or fever at all unlike the past bouts I had with UTI. I was given antibiotics that cost me 750 bucks and somehow it felt good knowing that I can reimburse the amount from my health care provider.

My sister came by my place late noon and she saw the bottle of my cranberry capsules, one of my maintenance diabetic medicines. When you are diabetic, not only are your pancreas in trouble but your kidneys as well. I told her how expensive the cranberry capsules are and she promised me that she will give me a bottle of cranberry bottles from their store (she's a pharmacist by the way) once I'm done with my existing bottle. If I have known that they had this product all along, I would have asked it from her right away. Theirs are way cheaper than the one I'm using which is sold exclusively in a leading drug store even when it is on sale.

So there. Proteinuria case solved, hopefully. I will have the repeat urinalysis after the treatment I am having so we will know from there. Still, I am optimistic.

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