Tuesday, February 17

My Stuff on Acobay

Another social networking site is up in the web and I was as curious as a cat to sign up and try it. I do not normally join social networking sites right away, not unless they have something new to offer. Currently, I maintain three four networking sites: Friendster, Facebook, and Multiply. I have been neglecting my Friendster profile recently in favor of Facebook because of the webcam thingy that comes up in the testimonials section. I maintain my Multiply account because most of my online shopping buddies are in Multiply.

I recently signed up for Acobay, a new social networking site that aims to connect people through the stuff they own. It was quite an interesting concept for me that I readily signed up. First, I thought that it would be nice to get first hand reviews on stuff that I normally Google up. Of course, it would be nice to read personal reviews than press releases, don't you think?

I am still in the process of adding more stuff into my profile. Hopefully, people who own the same stuff as mine will appear in my network and we can start exchanging notes about them. I will keep you posted on updates I promise. In the meantime, why don't you sign up as well?

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