Sunday, February 15

Weekend Snapshot: Feb Fair

February is obviously the month of school fairs. Most schools celebrate their Foundation Day during the month and it is usually equated with a week-long celebration and school fair. It's Feb Fair in all University of the Philippines campuses nationwide and we went to UP Diliman for Love Rage 3, a rock concert starring the coolest rock bands in town. My husband and I are both UP graduates (I am from UP Manila and UP Diliman and he's from UP Los Baños). It's my first time in 4 years to attend the Feb Fair, the last one was when we went to UP Los Baños.

From my son's school, we went straight to UP Diliman as early as 4 in the afternoon to beat the traffic in C5. We parked in front of Palma Hall near the Sunken Garden where the concert was held. We were not yet allowed to go inside the enclosed area until 6 in the evening so we whiled away the time sitting on the green grass.

When the gates opened, I was like a giddy college student again wanting to get close to the stage to watch "Sugarfree" who was the first band of the night. The band is one of my favorites and I listened to them ever since their first album came out. Ralph was wide-eyed when he reminded me that his sugar free mommy is watching Sugarfree! Woohoo!

Being nostalgic and all, I made it a point that my son got to taste Rodic's Tapsilog. Now, his world has changed and every Tapsilog should taste like Rodics's or else. That's how yummy Rodic's Tapsilog is! We also went around the stalls and bought a UP Centennial shirt for my husband and myself. Last stop was playing in the game booths where my boys had a blast. There were around 40 bands who were scheduled to play during the concert but we only got to watch a few since we had to leave early because of the doctor's appointment the following day.

Once again, we remembered how good our UP days were. There's no other place like it. I may be brainwashing my child this early but I really am hoping that he chooses UP over others. I would like him to experience how it is to be an Iskolar ng Bayan, to be discovering his full potential without the prejudice of others. Only in UP can you do that.

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