Friday, February 27

My First No Meat Friday of the Year

Lent has officially started last Wednesday with the imposition of the ashes. I was fortunate not only because I was able to find a nearby church with a 12 noon mass but also because my blood sugar was stable enough to enable me to fast. Actually, it wasn't fasting like what our faith dictates (just eating one main meal for the day) but I was able to survive with just a piece of bread for breakfast, tuna and bread for lunch, and just watermelons for dinner.

Today is the first meatless Friday for us Roman Catholics. Ever since, I have been strict in not cooking meat during Lent in my household. Later tonight, we will just have fried fish and monggo soup. I am sure that not only will my spirituality benefit from this little sacrifce but my health as well. I will not need even one of those top diet pills to make me lose weight this season.

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