Wednesday, March 4

Short Blogging Hiatus

You cannot imagine how busy I am lately. It's the most toxic time of the school year with ALL of our student clients having their final exams either this week or next. I have to strictly impose a blogging hiatus. I have not bloghopped and EC dropped lately. It is heartbreaking for me to see my web site traffic go down but I know that this is but temporary. I have to focus on finishing piles of reviewers for my students and for my brothers' students as well.

Things will get better after the 11th although I promised my mom that I will help her write some of her assigned articles. On the 14th we are off to Vigan where we will just stay for a night then go to Baguio for a 4-day vacation at the husband's company vacation house. I will go full-blast on my writing assignments after that. Gawd! I am so excited to go back to being a work-from-home mom again!

So my dear readers and friends, I am so sorry for having to write a rather boring post today but I promise to return with a vengeance. My 2 new blogs (travel and parenting) will be live by then. So long for now!

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