Friday, February 27

Sexy Corsets in the 2009 Oscars

Have you watched the 2009 Oscars? Well, I did not have the chance to watch it live because I was at work. I was able to catch the Red Carpet show done by E! though. I enjoyed seeing the stars walk on the red carpet and have been busy mentally comparing the gowns of the stars. I just noticed that most of the actresses wore gowns either topped with sexy corsets or bustiers. So it seemed that it is the "in thing" in Hollywood fashion at present. This could probably be because of the rise of period films this year in Hollywood. "Australia", "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", and "Revolutionary Road" are examples of these period movies.

My favorite corset gown of the night was the one worn by Penelope Cruz. Most critics did not like her nude colored gown on the red carpet but I think that it did well in highlighting her fabulous Latina tan. I did not quite like Sarah Jessica Parker's Cinderella inspired gown because I personally think that she's way mature for that. It would have been better if she was wearing Vanessa Hudgens' black corset mermaid gown and Hudgens wearing hers.

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